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The Age of Muscle Growth Is Nearing Its End

The Age of Muscle Growth Is Nearing Its End

Will the Era of Butts Ever End?

The era of butt-clenching, bicep-tightening, and forearm-muscle-shattering is nearing its end. We are in the heyday of muscularity for men now, but that doesn’t mean we should have any illusions that it will ever disappear.

Many of you might be thinking, “But my biceps are perfectly fine!”, to which I’d reply by saying, “What makes you think they’re not?” Sure, biceps can become a little tighter over time, but what does that have to do with the size of your muscles, and what does that have to do with your overall health and well being? Your muscles are where your strength comes from. Biceps are what gives you the power, but also the ability to execute difficult moves.

Don’t get me wrong. When you get stronger, your biceps become a lot tighter and thicker. That’s when they start getting really beefy, and if you want to build strength, you need to strengthen your muscles. But that’s kind of the problem there.

In years past, the emphasis on building muscle to build an intimidating physique was a natural evolution of that era of muscle growth. Many people had strong muscles, and most people were trying to look like the famous fitness models to gain a little extra muscle.

“How on earth is that not a good idea for anyone to attempt?” people would ask.

But that’s another story, and one that a lot of people have made a big mistake in thinking is over.

The fitness industry is changing.

No more is the focus on simply looking like a “fruity” fitness model. The world of fitness has evolved with the times, and the world of fitness is changing. The current trends in the fitness industry don’t focus on any particular physique, but instead are based on

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