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‘1923’ is officially released on November 23

‘1923’ is officially released on November 23

‘Yellowstone’ prequel, ‘1923,’ starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren gets release date, new trailer released



‘1923’ from the director of ‘Jurassic World’ is released on November 8.

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‘1923,’ a prequel to the hit 2013 film ‘Yellowstone’ about an astronaut from the future who returns to warn mankind of a meteor impact that will destroy Earth, will get its release date on November 8.

The film, directed by Scott Stuber, has had been a long time coming as the production had been plagued with budget issues and a protracted lawsuit that almost led to the film being taken off the schedule. But now, thanks to a deal with Paramount Pictures, ‘1923’ is official and will be released on November 23.

This is the first film in the ‘Yellowstone’ film series and has an all-star cast including Harrison Ford, Claire Danes, Tuppence Middleton, T.J. Miller and Helen Mirren.

The film, written by Stuber, was originally scheduled to open in theaters on September 11, but was pushed back after the film’s producers were forced to hire outside legal representation to prevent Paramount from pulling the film as a result of a lawsuit that nearly stopped development of the film.

Despite the controversy, ‘1923’ is actually a pretty good movie. It has a strong ensemble cast with memorable performances including Miller as a reporter looking into the origin of dinosaurs who becomes a surrogate father figure to the boy; Danes as the woman that he loves, only to discover that she’s actually a time-traveler from the future; and Ford as a man who has traveled back in time to prevent the meteor that will destroy the world.


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