Yemen journalist killed in car bomb attack

Written by Staff Writer at CNN, by CNN Staff

A pregnant journalist has been killed in a car bomb explosion in Sanaa, officials said Tuesday.

Radhiya al-Khawaja, 28, was pregnant and was driving with her husband and sister when the attack took place, a government official and a witness told CNN.

Khawaja had just finished a shift at a private news station and was on her way home in one of Sanaa’s suburbs. Her husband was also hurt in the explosion.

Mohamed al-Watan, a Houthi official, told CNN that Khawaja was a reporter for the U.S.-funded station Tawakul, an Arabic-language channel.

State-run Anba Al-Yemen newspaper quoted its deputy director Abdul Rahman Albomaid as saying Khawaja died “in the line of duty.”

The State Department condemned the attack, which killed Khawaja as well as her husband, in a statement Tuesday evening.

“We remain concerned about ongoing violence and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen,” it said. “The world is rightly outraged by such violence and we urge the parties to the conflict to fully cease attacks and protect civilians. We urge all parties to protect media personnel in Yemen, as we have in other countries throughout the region.”

The brutal war in Yemen, which has killed at least 10,000 people, has forced at least 1.8 million of the country’s 50 million people to flee their homes for temporary refuge in neighboring countries, the UN said.

Humanitarian organizations describe the Yemeni civilian suffering as dire, with acute shortages of basic supplies causing a rapid deterioration in the humanitarian situation.

But Saudi Arabia, one of the warring parties, dismissed Tuesday’s “contradictory reports” from the US and EU about the ceasefire.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (ROYG) denounces the inconsistent statements issued by the European Union (EU) and the United States regarding the ceasefire in Yemen, which is based on misrepresentation of facts and the failure to adhere to established procedures and norms of international engagement,” it said in a statement.

The conflict, which pits Iran-backed Houthi fighters against a coalition led by Saudi Arabia, is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and a threat to Yemen’s national unity, the UN has said.

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