Woman with the last say on women’s sports wins landmark Supreme Court case

When the women of the Supreme Court recently stepped up their legal case against sex discrimination, one member of their team had an impact on the Supreme Court’s decision that was not remotely visible from the bench.

Although Tatiana Calderon was not an official member of the women’s side, she literally led the way by leading the women of Team USA in their quest for parity in sports. According to a report from the Washington Post, Calderon challenged then-coach Sean Parker for firing women, rather than those of non-American descent.

“The decision to fire me was the first instance of what was happening to me the rest of the season,” Calderon told the Post in a phone interview on Sunday. “I got kicked off the team for being Hispanic, for being Puerto Rican, for taking my son with me. It was an absolute violation of my rights, my family rights.”

Calderon eventually led the charge to fill all 15 spots on the Olympic Team after voting as a “coach” to push the issue to the forefront of the legal battle. Calderon then followed with the most prominent injunction of the case, when she asked the court to rule in her favor in the summer.

“There’s only one reason for adding the option of a women’s team, and that’s to force the boys to become the girls,” Calderon said during the hearing. “I urge this court to do exactly that.”

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court upheld Calderon’s injunction, preserving the benefits of playing women’s sports and upholding the possibility of women’s sport as a vehicle for equality. According to the Washington Post, Calderon’s services are expected to be called again if the Olympic team appears in the future.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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