Woman gives birth on commuter bike in back of chauffeured car

A politician in New Zealand delivered her own baby in the back of her chauffeured car on Thursday after she entered labor and cyclist and mother-of-two Louise Cory gave birth before getting to hospital.

Cory, an Auckland councillor, will get a cushy office and substantial pay increases for her labor contract and maternity leave.

The interview and delivery in her Honda Fit took four hours and was captured on a cell phone and streamed live on Facebook for the local media.

The 43-year-old – who didn’t share the names of her babies – told Newshub she felt a bit out of breath as she lifted her bicycle on the way to meet paramedics but a “cool, business-like” feeling prevailed.

“I didn’t actually know, all of a sudden I felt a push coming on and then I had an extra push, it was only a bump and it was a minor bump, so then I knew.”

When told she had given birth, Cory said she was “completely stunned, absolutely blown away.”

“I was in the car, I wasn’t scared, not at all, but I was in total shock and then I was experiencing the sounds of a baby’s heart beating,” she said.

Government spokeswoman Robyn Lambley said Cory is a “remarkable woman.”

“I think it’s incredibly exciting for her and her family,” Lambley said.

Cory said she was looking forward to an afternoon nap before returning to a “pleasant office full of visitors.”

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