When the Premiership’s biggest stars take a knee on the pitch

Jess Carter and Magdalena Eriksson, two of the biggest names in the Premier League, talk with Gabriel Winters about the importance of footballers kneeling on the pitch to protest racial inequality. They also discuss the model for the Women’s Super League and are shown a campaign video with stunning imagery.

As the Fifa Congress begins in Moscow today, one of the biggest ongoing disputes remains in the women’s game. The women’s game is still competing with the men’s game in order to be given a Fifa-sanctioned World Cup. Players from around the world have been making a stand in Moscow, whilst fans and sponsors are watching. The debate on whether we should support the women’s game rather than ignore it is one which will no doubt continue in the run up to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

At the Women’s Super League Preview in London, Oliver Holt talked to Chelsea duo Jess Carter and Magdalena Eriksson. Carter and Eriksson are at the top of their game, after helping Chelsea to their first title in four years. In an exclusive interview, the pair talked about why they felt it was important to get involved in the issue of racial inequality in football, and the meaning behind the players’ decision to take a knee to protest on the pitch. The pair have also discussed what it has been like to live a life of international fame, they detailed their plans for the future – and of course they made time to check out some breathtaking displays of women’s football.

See the video above for more. You can also watch the Champions League Live, Premier League Preview and talk to Gabriel Winters and Samantha Atkins about the debate about the future of the World Cup for Women.

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