What’s News Today: December 2, 2020

Douglas Murray took issue with the activist Francis Foster’s call to millennials not to have children. “Foster makes a kind of scaredmongering pitch, warning that people that start families today will soon end up in a situation where they have to provide their children with free education,” Murray told BBC Newsnight. “We have to identify this and put a stop to it,” he said.

“This is a direct step to a totalitarian state where the state plays a central role in what is an individual person’s life,” he said. “This is the thing that Ronald Reagan said and which I have said and which I continue to say: to become a child slave is to become the property of the state.” The left is making its “first move” to impose a government-run childcare system, he added.

“My message to feminists, to gay feminists, to all the lefties who tell us: ‘We don’t want people having children’, well let me tell you: have some faith in human nature: human nature is a supremely healthy thing. Children protect us from other people’s diseases.

“These are children that God has created and if women don’t want to have them, God will ignore their requests. I’m not as conservative as some people on this, I think we can have some control over these things but not a government-run childcare system.”

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