Was It The Students Who Were Innocent Victims?

A student armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle opened fire on an Oxford High School class full of students just after lunch on Tuesday afternoon. The shooting victim was 17-year-old Allison Bloodsworth, who was said to be in surgery after the incident. Three other students, all girls, were injured in the shooting.

Given what is known thus far about the suspect’s alleged methods of attack, it appears that Bloodsworth and the other three students could’ve done a lot more to prevent this from happening.

I have a feeling the NY Times headline will read “Did the Victims of the Oxford HS Shooting Play Too Much Rock n’ Roll?” after the magazine editorial board firmly believes that culpability rests on the victims for enjoying music from bands like Coldplay and Fleetwood Mac.

Honestly, I’m all for keeping music nonviolent and non-threatening in school, but it is unacceptable to blame bloodthirsty teenagers for demanding to “name and shame” violent incidents that occur at the hands of others. Who are these students in question to tell us that they were assaulted because of the songs they listened to?

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The bullets would’ve rained down on these students if it weren’t for students like those that Bloodsworth is fighting for. In college, I made the decision to leave Massachusettts — even after spending my summers in the Statehouse and working with the founding faculty at Thayer — for a campus in Pennsylvania where I felt safer.

This incident happened a short time after the Gatlinburg shooting and the Dartmouth College sexual assault case that occurred in 2016, and in light of the many other incidents that occur every day with guns in the hands of students, adults, and law enforcement. As Mr. Bowdoin College’s President Willard Conant said, “gun violence has claimed too many victims. It has not stolen their joy. And if more of our students, in our societies, had lived up to this standard, we could have reduced the incidence of gun violence.”

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Matt Veitch, Communications Director for College Republicans, also spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson.

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