VIDEO: Andy Murray on his relationship with mother

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Andy Murray won the Wimbledon title last year and is currently the world number one player.

In an interview with Chris Gaylord of CNN, the 27-year-old said he’s been advised to get the vaccine against type 2 diabetes, adding that “I haven’t had the shot yet”

Murray, along with a large number of top players, is dependent on alcohol. The British ace said he would continue to indulge as long as he was feeling good.

The tennis star also addressed his relationship with his mother, Judy Murray, who recently hit headlines for a critical interview with the Guardian, in which she said the players’ schedules are too hectic and their parents don’t understand how hard their lives are.

“I talk to my mum a lot,” he said. “We have a great relationship. She knows I’m happy. I’d be happy if she was happy.

“There’s a lot of good to say about what she said and I think she’s experienced enough in her life to know what’s best for her.”

The seven-time grand slam champion said some of the criticism of players’ lives was unfair and none of them would “begrudge (Judy) being honest” about their own “tough” backgrounds.

British tennis player Andy Murray says players have a responsibility to take vaccinations. CNN

And he assured his fans that he’s not worried about leaving Nick Kyrgios off of his advice list for the prevention of type 2 diabetes. The Australian was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes earlier this year.

“I’ve known Nick for quite a while. I don’t take our relationship lightly,” he said. “He’s my good friend, I can’t think of anybody better to pass advice on to. I don’t think people really know how well he knows his body.”

“He takes care of his body very well,” he said. “I’m confident he’s going to be okay. I talk to him on the phone a couple of times a week.”

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