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‘V for Vendetta’: A Professional Storyteller’s Guide

'V for Vendetta': A Professional Storyteller's Guide

‘Watchmen,’ a TV hit for HBO, was ’embarrassing’ for the comic’s creator Alan Moore, which is why his long-running comic series was cancelled only six years after it was first launched in the U.S.

In an interview with the Guardian that ran in the newspaper’s Sunday Magazine section earlier today, Moore said he is surprised to learn that critics have called the comic ’embarrassing.’

‘It seems to me like this is a case where I should have expected it. The thing is, I’m a professional storyteller. I think I should have known. I should have at least expected it,’ said Moore, who will be talking about his new book ‘V for Vendetta’ at the Barnes & Noble book store in Los Angeles on Oct. 27.

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‘It’s probably not a matter of embarrassment. It’s probably just a matter of, “Hey, Alan, what do we know?” Because I was a professional storyteller for a long time and I read and enjoyed the comic.

‘It was the kind of thing that would have at first intrigued me, like, oh, you’re saying there’s a dark side. Well, okay, I didn’t know much back then but now I have seen a lot. And if you don’t know then that certainly wasn’t intended, I think.

‘But I wasn’t thinking of going on the record or something because you know what? I think if you’re a professional writer, you know, there’s a certain amount of knowledge that you need in order to be judged by the public. So as far as a storyteller goes, I think it is a very valuable lesson to learn. And if you can apply it and really live it, then maybe you should do it. But that’s really only in hindsight.’

The ‘Watchmen’ creator also spoke with Rolling Stone about his work to date, his plans for ‘V,’ his plans for ‘Watchmen’ 3, how comic book creator Alan Moore is viewed now by comic book fans, and much more.

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