Toronto Maple Leafs pay Star Wars merchandising charges – and judge

The Oakville Maple Leafs, who claimed the “Star Wars” character was their own, agreed to pay their $2,500 legal bill

At a short ceremony on Monday, the Toronto Star revealed that Han Solo had never stopped ruling Star Wars fandom. After the team refused to sell their merchandising rights to the Star Wars arm of Lucasfilm, the rights holder, they took out an injunction to block the team from including any references to Han or any other space characters in the product line, which it used to pay its huge legal bills. The Toronto Maple Leafs, in the midst of their own struggle to close a financial deal, agreed to pay the Star’s legal bill, which is reported to have cost $2,500. The Star will pay the team’s $1,500 annual rent at the Leafs’ home, the Air Canada Centre. The Leafs have described themselves as “modest individuals”, and as such, their contribution to the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund is now $2,500.

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