This free Facebook Messenger bot lets you “Yassify” Yassify

Story highlights If you’ve ever wanted to “meet the Yassify bot, but couldn’t, now you can.”

It’s the ever-growing trend on social media: Yassify. It’s a variation of the “#MeetingTheYassifyBot” meme that allows you to get to know your beloved. Yassify will answer anything you ask: Favorite color, holiday traditions, what is your first day of school (insert teacher name). It’s really quite fun to play around with. And now, thanks to , it’s easier than ever to get to know Yassify (or, one of his “Favourite Animals” on Twitter), too.

YassifyChat is a bot that talks to you via its AI-powered virtual assistant, Yassify. You can link it to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more accounts. This is perfect for those who are away from the home with no cable subscription (or have several strands tangled in their internet cord). The bot allows you to share photos, ask questions and video chat. It’s basically like Yassify if you don’t have his special one-on-one chat sessions. also claims that with YassifyChat you can use your entire conversation history with YassifyChat to identify how you and Yassify interact with each other, and even find out more about Yassify through its past conversations. Yes, there are ways to “yassify” the bot.

In short, YassifyChat is a fun way to talk to Yassify. When I first noticed it on Twitter, I was overwhelmed by its limited chat options. But after I clicked on the bot link and discovered YassifyChat, I realized how much more possibilities this bot has.

And while YassifyChat might be free,’s bot is charging users $.99/month for the privilege of “loving” Yassify more than the average Joe. The Bot is backed by a New York University graduate school, according to CNN . The company also claims it will get personalized analyses of your Twitter habits that will recommend you chat with YassifyBot more often. I would not bet against this.

And not only can you have fun with YassifyChat; you can also invite your friends to participate.

One week ago, Twitter user Jessica Glenn created this #YassifyChat Fail:

And other people have been having a fun time with this one:

This $.99/month app is almost as good as Yassify, a talk-to-real-people Facebook Messenger bot.

Check out YassifyChat on Twitter or try out Yassify on Facebook.

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