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The Weather Service Forecasts a Dry and Hot Weekend

The Weather Service Forecasts a Dry and Hot Weekend

Cooler temperatures — and maybe some showers — headed to SoCal this weekend

By Mark Gomez

Photo: Courtesy David Choe

If you haven’t been paying attention, you know it’s been hot here in SoCal.

We don’t get a week like this every year, certainly not in Los Angeles County. But the temperatures have been steadily rising over the years, causing major headaches for residents and their local municipalities.

It might be time to start worrying about your health if you’re already dealing with problems like the norovirus.

But while Southern California, and especially Los Angeles County, is always plagued by hot weather, sometimes it gets worse than usual.

If so, don’t panic.

A little warning is usually all it takes to head off an extended heatwave. Here’s what you can expect from the weekend weather.

Hot and dry

Southern California was experiencing a rare dry and hot weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

On Saturday, the weather service forecasted sunshine and an 80 percent chance of a 70 percent humidity. It gave the chance of afternoon showers for Sunday and Monday.

It’s not unusual to get an average of about a 50 percent chance of showers in the afternoon or evening, but these days are usually short-lived, with a low 90 percent of the time falling into afternoon or evening showers.

With a dry start Sunday and Monday morning, the rain chances for each day Sunday should average a 50 percent chance of showers — much like the chances are on Friday — and a 10 percent chance of showers in the evening.

If you’re lucky, that could mean a few showers for each day Monday and Tuesday.

A few showers aren’t unusual, but a few days of light rain and mild winds would be.

On Thursday night into Friday, the weather service predicted “occasional showers” Friday, but a high humidity level.

Here’s what to watch:

The heat and humidity. The heat and dry air create an ideal environment for the norovirus and other respiratory infections to thrive.

The heat. It may only be 60 degrees

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