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The U.S. Agency for Global Media’s growth in Asia isn’t a surprise

The U.S. Agency for Global Media’s growth in Asia isn’t a surprise

U.S. Agency for Global Media draws ever-bigger audiences worldwide

When the U.S. Agency for Global Media (AGM) releases new figures for television advertising, the news will generate big headlines in Asia.

American audiences in the region have been growing, but it’s not a big difference from before 2009. In fact, the agency’s international reach has grown every year since it opened in 1996.

In 2013, after a three-year hiatus, the agency again began advertising in Asia, starting with New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.

AGM said it will be sending out the first-ever comprehensive data for all 51 countries and territories in 2012. It then expects to release new figures for Japan this year.

But what explains the agency’s growth?

It turns out that it isn’t an increase in television advertising spending but rather an increase in the number of advertising hours served in the agency’s markets.

The agency’s growth has been spurred by increased digital media usage, which has become more important in the world’s markets. In a survey of U.S. broadcasters in 2012, 75% surveyed said they were seeing more video coverage around the world, with 54% saying that it was growing at a faster pace than the news cycle.

With new digital media platforms available, such as video streaming services on YouTube, Hulu and Netflix, audiences are consuming more video content.

That digital spending is showing up in new media campaigns, according to agency data.

“The digital landscape has had a huge impact on our new international advertising plans and the results are showing that,” said James Fergus, chief executive of the agency, in an interview with AdNews.

“We want to show the value we’re able to provide by providing audiences with opportunities to see and connect with new content,” he said.

“We’ve created digital tools to help marketers reach the audience that is interested in the brands they serve,” said Matt Bishton, global director of media planning and buying at the

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