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The U.K.’s Prime Minister Is Trying to Bring in a New Leader

The U.K.’s Prime Minister Is Trying to Bring in a New Leader

Can British PM Liz Truss outlast a lettuce? The U.K. wonders if her days are numbered

Liz Truss has never been accused of being a lightweight, but her tenure in Downing Street has not always seemed to offer Britain much of a choice over who to work with in government.

From her first as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, until her defeat in the June 8 Conservative Party leadership election, the former cabinet minister has faced a host of challenging times, often being saddled with conflicting agendas and not always able to settle on which party was best equipped to carry out the government’s agenda.

However, the U.K.’s long-serving prime minister is increasingly appearing to be facing an agonizing decision as she seeks to maintain the government’s power — especially during a time when Brexit is more important than ever.

There’s no question Truss is aware that she has little time left in government — but the pressure she is feeling from the U.K.’s own leader appears to be causing her some angst, even though it’s quite understandable from the perspective of a former Cabinet minister, who was instrumental in formulating many of the policies of the current government.

After being forced to resign her position as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, the Conservative Party’s most senior female representative in government, on June 29, the day after the EU referendum, having already served in the role for three years as Prime Minister Theresa May’s official chief of staff, in May 2016, Truss left the Cabinet to join the opposition Conservative Party.

However, it seems the Prime Minister doesn’t agree, which should surprise no one since she will be taking office only a few days later. And with the Brexit negotiations and the future of the U.K.’s relationship with the EU in mind, it’s entirely plausible that she has considered seeking to bring in a new leader — and a new leader could be quite critical at this point in time.

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