‘That’s not right’ – North Carolina lawmakers in heated exchange on racial topics

From Taniela Trotman, BBC News

North Carolina Lt Governor Dan Forest confronted a Democratic legislator after she complained about being treated poorly while speaking in a legislative meeting.

Cherelle Holloway of the House Democrats said her bill is “the last hope for many Black families who are already suffering with conditions we can’t change, conditions we can’t cure.”

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest commented on her speech.

“Does she not know that’s not right? We have people, Black people, that are killed from being shot by law enforcement officers and not even investigated. That is not right. We have to stop that,” he said.

Despite security guards cutting off her microphone, she told Forest:

“The fact that you’re trying to equate us to gay people says that people can’t see us as humans. Black people do not go around shooting the police, you know that. But what you’re trying to do is we are not human.”

A video of the exchange shows Forestry saying that the main reason minorities cannot be “both minorities and homosexuals” is that both groups have “kind of wrapped themselves in gay rights and human rights.

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