Spot now: These are the jobs people want to do underground

In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio has officially voiced his feelings about the state of the subways: “Failure,” he wrote in a Feb. 15, 2017, op-ed, “is not an option.”

Now, a test of competence. If you’re a member of the New York City Transit Authority’s tunnel-navigation train crews, the job market is open.

The call for people to work underground — specifically, as operators and brakemen — has been posted on the Department of Labor’s website. The department allows people to submit applications for each of the four categories for which jobs are posted.

Subway operators and brakemen typically make between $37.54 and $60.70 an hour, and train cars can range in size from 4 carlongs to 24 carlongs. Each can run about 7 miles per hour. Members of the tunnel-navigation train crews also must be licensed to work at tunnel and rail crossings. According to the department, members of the latter duty are needed to maintain and clear the outer tubes of subway stations of falling debris. Maintenance is also required in the tunnels that carry passengers under Manhattan and into Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

The open positions will be open for a week; Applications are due on August 25.

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