Serbian sport official: Dano needs virus shot to treat elbow injury

The head of Serbia’s National Order of Athletes says he recommended Novak Djokovic require treatment of a seasonal influenza vaccine as part of his treatment program for his elbow injury, The Guardian reports.

“The recommendation of treating the elbow problem with the influenza vaccine would not in any way make Djokovic a traitor to sport or of bad reputation,” said Nenad Marovic, deputy minister of sports for Serbia. “As an athlete, Djokovic has to take every professional responsibility, at the end of the day.

“I encourage other athletes to be open to the same decisions when they have injury situations that need treatment or even recovery. There are professional sports lawyers, if needed, who can help the athlete with this.

“I do not believe that Diko will change his professional stance. No player wants to sit idle or deprive the audience from watching in the last weeks of a gruelling career. I firmly believe that, with dedication and dedication to this profession, the only result that will be achieved is the Wimbledon victory.”

Djokovic is now scheduled to play in the U.S. Open.

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