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San Bernardino is offering rebates for damaged sidewalks and fire hydrants

San Bernardino is offering rebates for damaged sidewalks and fire hydrants

Tear out your lawn, get more free cash. LADWP ups rebates for customers with lawn mowers.

Topping the list for rebates is a $600 rebate for customers with leaf-blowers, leaf blowers that cut grass at 3 mph or less, and leaf blowers that use less than 30 gallons of water per day.

The state also is offering $300 per property to take care of damaged or removed fire hydrants, $100 for fire-damaged sidewalks, $100 for removing street names from private property and $50 for damaged snow plows, plus $1,000 for removal of damaged or removed storm windows.

State government officials announced the program in a news release Friday. The announcement comes two days after San Bernardino County Supervisor John Rue issued a similar request for state assistance in cleaning up the town’s downtown area after a series of violent robberies. Police have been unable to find suspects in each of the last three incidents in downtown San Bernardino.

“Our response to public safety’s needs in the San Bernardino area is part of our efforts to maintain a good neighbor community and assist its residents to become better able to defend themselves and their families from harm,” Superintendent Chris Romer of the Los Angeles Department of Public Works, which is responsible for administering the program, said in the release.

The state Department of Water and Power supplies water and electricity to the city of San Bernardino as well as 22 other cities in Los Angeles County. The Department of Public Works is responsible for operating the water and power system for the entire Los Angeles region.

The LADWP has been involved with other state programs such as the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. The program will cost the city $20 per acre of greenbelt, wetlands or agricultural land. The agency is also offering $300 for sidewalks damaged from the last five years.

The funds provide a one-time rebate to the city to replace damaged storm windows, and to replace water and electricity meters as well as for sidewalk repairs.

The city is offering $500 per street name to restore street names where names have been tampered with, $1,000 for damaged sidewalks and $50 for damaged fire hydrants.

And the city is offering $100 for fire-damaged sidewalks as well.


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