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Redondo Beach’s Anti-Growth Politics

Redondo Beach’s Anti-Growth Politics

Letters to the Editor: The racism of Redondo Beach’s anti-growth political leadership

Let people think for themselves and make their own judgements.

For many years I have witnessed the daily anti-growth policies, and the ever-increasing anti-white political leadership, of Redondo Beach. I have witnessed the deterioration of our city and the loss of our residents. I watched our city make its way from a quaint fishing town with beautiful views of the ocean, to an overcrowded, crime-ridden, decaying “crappy” urban center.

For some time I have thought of joining the growing movement against the anti-growth policies of Redondo Beach’s current political leadership, but I have found myself too politically disillusioned to do so. Despite my best efforts, I have failed to find a way, through the means of open debate, to change the minds of the people who surround me.

I have come to realize though, that people are a lot smarter than most politicians and that we can not expect to have the government listen to us the way that we must listen to our elected officials. People, in my experience, generally are not as open to persuasion and change as we may think they are.

They also generally cannot be made to feel, for example, that we are wrong in our position. That is why I am writing this letter. I am going to try and change the mind of a few people, and hopefully they will see the error of their ways and join the growing resistance movement to change the policies of Redondo Beach. I will give them the opportunity to do so, by having this letter published in Redondo Beach’s Red & White News as their opinion piece.

The “Red & White” newspaper has, since its founding, been one of Redondo Beach’s leading media organizations. The Red & White has been one of the main forces in the spreading of a counter culture in Redondo Beach. Through this counter culture, our elected officials have, from time to time

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