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Qatar Women’s Football Association

Qatar Women's Football Association

Status of women in Qatar, host of World Cup and other sporting events

The women’s team from Qatar have won the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Women’s Asian Cup. However, their chances of winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup are considered by many as being slim to none.

Historical overview

Qatar is a part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and shares a history of over three centuries with the country of Sharjah, where there are a number of old historic sites that are tourist attractions for the locals and even for people from other countries visiting the country. The city of Qatar has been described as the “queen of the Arabian Desert” because of its historical significance and is home to the oldest active university in the Arab world.

The women participated in the Asian Games in 2007 and the Asian Games in 2010.

The first women to be able to play football in Qatar was reported in 1952. The first women’s team from Qatar to play in the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) Women’s World Cup was reported on 21 July 2007. In 2013, the Qatar Women’s National Football Team was accepted into the Asian Football Confederation as “Qatar Ladies”. Qatar was later accepted into the International Women’s Football Association (IWFA) as “Qatar women’s team” at an IWFA conference held in 2013. Qatar is the only country to have women’s football on top of their list of priorities to be involved in world football.

History of women in sport

1952–present Women have played since the opening of the first Qatar Sports Club on October 8, 1952. There have been a number of female competitions and events in the country. Among these are the first women’s association football tournament, the Al-Wakrah women’s association football tournament, the Qatari Women’s Olympic Games, the Qatar Women’s Volleyball Championship, and the annual Women’s Asian Games in Doha. There are also other events such as the Qatar Summer Youth Olympic Festival, the Asia-Pacific Games, the World Games, and the International Fair of Sports for Women.

The first women’s football association tournament in the country was held in 1952. Although women were allowed to play football

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