Outnumber Media: Made in USA, The Ambara, SoundChoice Smart Dimmer, Burrow iPod Dock, “Zero” Watch and more

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Made from 50% recycled materials, The Ambara music player is Made in USA and features sleek design that is unobtrusive to the fashionista’s accessories.

SoundChoice Smart Dimmer

Have a light that needs to be heard but still wants to be unobtrusive. SoundChoice introduces a smart dimmer that adds analog, digital and control knobs with a touchpad so users can increase or decrease the lighting with the touch of a finger or a mouse.

The Burrow iPod dock

You can use a Bamboo wood extension cable to connect to the solid bamboo wood design of the Burrow iPod dock. The white metal and piano black surround are designed to blend in with your decor.

Vlerick “zero” watch is hailed as the “world’s first watch that never needs a charge” by its designers.

Numi wireless water bottle

The Numi should quickly become the must-have product of the 2019 consumer marketplace. The Wi-Fi connected water bottle not only dispenses perfectly sized and shaped bottles of water from their interior reservoir, but creates an audio guide, music playing service and even delivers an engraving on the lid.

Cleaning and polishing gadgets

If there is an item in your home that you would love to clean but don’t have the time, cut the convenience out of the product before it arrives by turning to the Nu-edge Brand. Nu-edge offers men’s and women’s blenders that weigh up to 3 pounds so it is easy to pick up and move anywhere without dropping the device. It also has a warming indicator, temperature reader and two-way automatic lighting.

Canopy LCD Vibration Wall Clock

Featuring a cabinetry mesh design that comes in various colors, the Canopy LCD Vibration Wall Clock makes time keepers look so sleek in your home. With three times the force of a normal clock, this stand will make your main desk look like a collection of figures including dinosaurs, Greek letters, ghosts and stars that are all were all just too real.

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