NYT Senior Editor Was an Honor Roll Student Who Was Accidentally Shot in the Arm

A Times editor who was an undergraduate at Oxford University in 1998 was accidentally shot in the arm during an exercise in a gun locker.

It happened at 3 a.m. on Dec. 23, 1998.

Fox News reported that James Lister, writing for the New York Times, recounted the experience while reporting on a guest column by Robert Dear, of the North Carolina mosque bombing.

In 1999, Roger Brooke-Smith published a book called “Little White Lies,” which documented his “Experiments with Consciousness” at Oxford University.

“Sure enough, as we entered the locker room, I could feel something swooshing past my right shoulder, then screaming,” wrote Lister. “I jumped onto the railings and started to panic as the plastic round, dead-proof pin was hammered into my arm.”

The author said he was lucky that the bullet didn’t travel down his arm and pierce his major artery.

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He said the pipe bomb instructor discharged a “class 2 bazooka,” leaving a large trail of bullet fragments on the lockers’ tile floor.

“Maybe the would-be student wished I had not done this experiment. His lumpy shoulder was a little stingier than it should have been,” Lister wrote.

The author added that he was left with a fundamental loss of feeling in his arm, though it didn’t cause any long-term health issues.

A spokeswoman for the Times said Saturday, “The editorial describes an incident involving James Lister that took place at Oxford, which, as it happens, he completed studying in November 1998, well before the incident took place.”

“Mr. Lister has not been contacted by the Times and we have no further comment,” said the spokesperson.

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