Nick Kyrgios extends his anti-vaccination stance, even as he praises teens who don’t

Australia’s Nick Kyrgios has taken another step back from his controversial past, telling journalists his support for unvaccinated players in response to their pleas was a misjudgment that he had learned his lesson.

In January Kyrgios was the first tennis player to break with the sport’s anti-vaccination stance, writing: “I don’t like the pressure that we’re put under to be politically correct, or to agree with everything everyone else says, especially when it comes to vaccination. It’s a decision that every parent should make for their child, and I can see both sides of it.”

Kyrgios has now expanded on his views in an interview with ASV Sport Magazine, saying: “For me, personally, I think it’s not good to come out and say everyone has to get vaccinated because you’re only making parents fear their kids are going to get sick or end up in a place where people are unvaccinated, which is just ridiculous.

“To me, it’s a minority of people who decide to opt out of the shots, and to me that’s the way it should be and that’s the way it should be always. I just think the pressure and being forced to think a certain way is unnecessary, and that’s just where I am on it.”

Kyrgios noted that unvaccinated athletes have been successful, notably Brazil’s Gabrielle “Babygirl” Alves, and surmised that people would become aware of that change in attitude when they tried to date an unvaccinated athlete.

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