New walking ‘building’ to make Shanghai debut

Image copyright AFP Image caption The building’s crane operator is helping move it to a new part of the city

Building workers in Shanghai are helping move a 300m (932ft) structure, which looks like a cross between a kitchen table and a stairwell.

But it is actually an 80m (260ft) tall building that’s being moved to a new location in Shanghai.

The “walking” building is made of cherry wood and supported by steel and aluminium plates.

Shenzhen-based S.R. Engineering Company said it was the world’s first construction project of its kind.

It uses special techniques that aim to cut materials costs by 30%, and so “offers competitive prices for this innovative technology”, the company said.

Image copyright AFP Image caption The brickwork has been held in place by pre-fabricated “ramps”

Photos in local media show equipment in the ground, being lowered onto a pre-fabricated beam. The crane operator is helping the structure “walk” to a new location, the photos show.

When finished, the building will have commercial space and luxury residential flats.

It will be located in a former market area on one of Shanghai’s busiest shopping streets, with new pavements and railings, according to Shanghai Daily.

“From this side, it looks like a building frame, and from the other side, it looks like a wooden house. We think people will come and see the beauty,” real estate broker Qin Xin told the paper.

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