Mel Brooks’s life and career in pictures

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Comic’s life and career in pictures

Mel Brooks has turned 95, celebrating his centenary with a busy series of events throughout the year. Here’s a roundup of some of the highlights:

In September he was honoured with a special lifetime achievement award by the Writers Guild of America. It was presented by his The Producers star Nathan Lane in a special event at Los Angeles’s TCL Chinese Theatre.

In March his life and career were celebrated in a Grammy Museum exhibit called My Life on the Telly.

In September another edition of The Mel Brooks Tribute Season, a 13-episode standup series, premieres on Netflix.

It is a virtual festival of comedy featuring all the behind-the-scenes videos, photos and storyboards that he did on The Producers when it was produced for Broadway.

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It premieres on 14 September with special guests Zach Galifianakis, Bebe Neuwirth, Rick Mercer, Jane Lynch, Artie Lange, and Emily Heller among the featured performers.

In February a 35th anniversary edition of Mel Brooks: The Musical launched on Broadway, with recent workshops taking place in Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles.

On 5 May he hosted and performed a pre-show with host Matt Lucas, erstwhile of Mrs Brown’s Boys, ahead of the London premiere of James Corden’s Super Bowl 50 episode.

In June Brooks hosted the New York premiere of The Oscars: The 70th Anniversary Special.

He is set to appear at a tribute event in honour of Shortlist 100’s 100 great comedians which takes place at the Old Truman Brewery in east London on 6 July. He will be followed by a belated birthday party in Los Angeles on 6 August.

Here’s a selection of some of his best-known quotes:

“If you want a sharp edge you can find it with a cockney. If you want something soft, change it to a robot.”

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“I am not in Hollywood to retire. To retire to a spa somewhere. They have a vacuum cleaner there.”

“Lover of women? Girls? Adults? Humans? Or the pussy.”

“It’s true; I do like singing. I’ve got five albums of my own, which are as interesting to me as to you.”

“I’m highly skilled in drawing, calling, writing and filming women with my tongue.”

“If the producers had a factory to manufacture my eyes, they’d be in the flea market.”

“Because I’m still in great physical condition, I look 20.”

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