Meghan Markle’s attorney responds to ‘Meghan: An American Princess’

The attorney representing Meghan Markle, the former actress who is expecting her first child with Prince Harry, said there are “massive inaccuracies” in a BBC documentary that claims her life has been devastated by bullying from some members of the public.

In an interview with ABC News Tuesday night, Markle’s attorney, Samantha Grant, said that her client “came across as having been living in an alternate reality” in “Meghan: An American Princess,” a three-part BBC documentary that aired earlier this week.

“When we watched [the documentary], we saw her image as such a victim, when I don’t think she was,” Grant said. “She was misunderstood.”

Grant said the criticism in the documentary was “vindictive and mean-spirited” and a “fixation on negative and tabloid-like gossip.”

The documentary alleges that Markle, who had been married for nearly a decade to an NFL player, actor Trevor Engelson before marrying Harry, was ambushed into a sham marriage by her now-estranged husband. Grant said that, while she agrees there was a “birthday party” Markle had hosted at her LA home – where she was photographed wearing a tiara, drinking wine and sipping cocktails – the documentary and Markle’s attorney neither identified that as a wedding nor made any other “hilarious assertions” to that effect.

Grant also noted that, even though her client is aware that negative press will inevitably occur when her relationship with Harry becomes public, she has tried to understand why her circumstances have been portrayed so negatively.

“We were not getting any answers from the BBC about why she has been portrayed this way or how she could change it,” Grant said. “We thought, why is the media only making one side of her story seem like the truth?”

Grant said that Markle did want to release a statement about the documentary, but that it would be too painful for Markle if it were to be mischaracterized or “just spit out with no attempt to understand it.”

Grant also said Markle is trying to fight back against the tabloids.

“She’s taking it head-on,” Grant said. “She’s going to fight the tabloids like she fought them when they were wrongfully bringing her down.”

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