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1 dead, 4 wounded in Italy supermarket stabbing spree

A man who survived an apparent stabbing attack in a supermarket has said he was terrified by the events of the day and doesn’t know why he reacted in that way.

Daniel Martin-Rendon, 52, from California, was in the supermarket in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy, when three men who have not yet been identified held him down, stabbed him in the chest and then ran out.

The supermarket has been evacuated and police are searching for possible accomplices after a terrorist attack.

The men fled and one is suspected of stealing a car.

A spokeswoman for the store said a man believed to be the attacker had a knife on his person.

Mr Martin-Rendon, from California, said he had been in Italy for five days, studying business and economics and teaching English.

He said he went to the supermarket to try out a new camera so he could record himself teaching English, but he decided to buy some food when he saw the suspect run from the store.

“My heart was pounding in my chest, but I was calm. I didn’t want to make waves, especially not in front of people I didn’t know. I sat down and ate my lunch” he said.

He said he then was approached by other people who put their hands on him and one of them asked him what his name was. He said he told him his name and they went back to their car.

He said he saw the suspect who was on his knees on the ground and the two men who were allegedly his accomplices standing nearby. He said an accomplice pulled out a knife and he screamed and ran away.

He said that he realised the men were trying to kill him and said “I was scared they would kill me”.

Mr Martin-Rendon said he was “terrified” but did not know why he reacted that way.

He said that he went back to the supermarket and hid in a storeroom while people gathered outside and the police spoke with his group. He said the police told people to leave the area and that he did not leave the supermarket.

Mr Martin-Rendon said he

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