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Los Angeles County Rescue Team Recovers Body of Mountain Lion

Los Angeles County Rescue Team Recovers Body of Mountain Lion

Mountain lion nabs, kills leashed dog in Hollywood Hills

The body of a dog trapped deep in Hollywood’s hills has been retrieved after authorities say a mountain lion dragged it more than 100 yards from its home.

The body of the dog, who wore a collar saying it was a Chihuahua, was found Sunday near Highland Drive in the Hollywood hills.

A rescue team from Los Angeles County Fire Department, which had conducted a manhunt for the mountain lion, retrieved the dog’s body hours later.

The dogs were found safe Sunday afternoon near the intersection of Highland and Topanga drives, officials said.

The mountain lion, which was captured on a video that has gone viral, was found with part of his tongue missing. The Los Angeles Fire Department said it was likely the animal was eating, because of the extensive claw damage, and could have been injured by a vehicle.

On Tuesday, a neighbor posted on social media that a large black bear entered his yard. He said the bear chased him and then attacked his 10-year-old daughter, who was in the yard.

After that, wildlife officials released a photo of the mountain lion, but did not release his name or make any remarks.

The mountain lion is believed to be the same one that has killed more than a dozen domestic dogs over the last two years. They’re often found near a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) power line, which runs along the Hollywood Hills.

The bears that have been found in Beverly Hills have been trapped under the high-rise apartment buildings around them.

The LA County Board of Supervisors is set to vote Thursday on a proposal that would raise fees on most residential development in the county, including $15,000 per property.

Under the measure, developers would have to pay a fee of $13,500 per lot for a single-family home or $23,600 for commercial properties when construction and operations begin after Dec. 22.

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