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Kevin de León resigned because he is not a good administrator

Kevin de León resigned because he is not a good administrator

Letters to the Editor: Why I am telling my neighbors that Kevin de León must resign.

The city should not have hired an incompetent police officer who used excessive force against innocent citizens (and other officers as well).

What the city has done is wrong, but is not the reason for the police chief taking over, nor does it represent the direction of the police department. The city should get a new police chief, not a person who took over because he knew he was going to get fired and not because he was incompetent.

The reason for the resignation of Kevin de León is that he is incompetent and not a good administrator.

There are other reasons he was fired, and I think he was given one of his reasons of being fired by another police chief.

To be honest, I don’t really care if Kevin de León resigns or not, but I do want to get people to realize that he is not competent nor deserves to be appointed to a position of responsibility. I have read, and seen his body of work on the Internet, and it is not very impressive and one would hardly expect him to be a good police administrator.

We are the city of San José, and not the city of New York, so I would like to see the city be run by people who know the people well and have the capacity to manage in a better way.

This may sound rather negative, but it is not. I am telling my neighbors, and I strongly believe that if we had someone who knows the people well like Kevin de León or any other person who might come into a position of leadership at the San José city government, we would not be in this situation we are now.

Kevin de León should not have resigned, and I think he should have had his job back. I believe in democracy and I think democracy should not be allowed to be taken over by an incompetent person who just likes to be in a position of leadership.

De León didn’t do anything illegal, or illegal on the job. He did exactly what everyone in this community wants from a police officer.

This officer is very much a person we know.

This officer could have had his job. He knew he was going to be fired, or had been fired, or was fired. I just don’t understand why he resigned because he is not a good police administrator.

I don’t know anyone more qualified for the position, and I

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