Keeping your medical records safe in the digital age

Written by By CaptainYakataMathew Porteus , Special to CNN

Whether you like it or not, technology continues to transform our lives every day.

One thing this industry has had a big impact on is our health, as in how we keep track of ourselves and our health records.

We now have an incredible variety of health and fitness apps to choose from — from counting our steps to estimating our daily energy consumption — helping us to understand our health and improve it.

Next-generation devices have been introduced to help you measure your performance levels like body fat, heart rate and how many steps you’re taking.

And we also have smartphones and wearables — such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Watch — that monitor your activities, listen to your heart and help you track your physical activity.

These devices can even help you manage a chronic condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, helping you to focus on your overall health.

But what about managing your most important items in your life — your valuable medical records and vaccine card?

We all know how important it is to be safe, so being able to track the status of your immunizations is of the utmost importance.

One important aspect to protect yourself and your personal health is how you store your vaccination records — they should be in the medical equivalent of a “digital vault” that you only have access to — via a secure email account — and not in a file folder on your desktop computer or phone.

And finally, while you are at home, be sure to store your vaccination records and the results of your tests on your phone or computer.

Remember, the majority of people don’t have a dedicated place where they store their records. And when they do, they might be holding onto outdated medical records.

The vast majority of the population probably has an expired vaccination card — the medical equivalent of an identity card.

So as you look to put the medical care of your family members, friends and yourself ahead of convenience, ensure you take these measures to protect your life and health.

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