Jimmy Kimmel shares photo from his ‘mildly frightening’ Thanksgiving

Actor describes being caught in a car crash in which the other driver had a seizure

Jimmy Kimmel shares photo from his ‘mildly frightening’ Thanksgiving

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray has also recently revealed how a severe mood swing caused her to swerve through a red light and into a pedestrian, killing her.

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Jimmy Kimmel, the American comedian who received a successful heart transplant in 2015, has also had a recent health scare. He revealed he was in a “mildly frightening” car crash while driving home from Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles with his wife, Molly McNearney, and their children.

Kimmel told readers of the Hollywood Reporter: “We were heading home to LA. We were at Rodeo Drive on Sunset Boulevard, the paparazzi were in our headlights. I had been driving a little drowsy, so it wasn’t like I was speeding.

“Molly said the lights in the opposite lane kept blinking and Molly was checking the car for a collision. We were about to take the hill and we got caught in a red light. My car bumped the van, and our young daughters were like, ‘Dad!’

“They were yelling, ‘Dad, you hit the van!’ I wasn’t like, ‘Whoa, get over it.’ I was completely freaked out.

“I was in a bad hurry, and I don’t think I would have braked or anything, but I might have swerved, or could have swerved, had I not been in a car with kids. If I had been asleep at the wheel, we would’ve hit the van. But I was actually in a pretty good place. It was quite mild.”

Kimmel joked that he had been on his hands and knees taking selfies and videoing his daughters, along with the rest of the car, and thought, “You guys, I am going to be really hurt. This is horrible.”

The rower became a Hollywood heartthrob after his wife, a fellow comedian, revealed his family’s heart transplant, called by doctors “a miracle”, on their ABC show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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