Jay Caruso talks about a courtroom secret in “Jury Playbook.”

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After a trial within a trial where the defendants were too too friendly to the court, most of the family support and testimony has been replaced by a sidebar.

Darrell Simpson has the story.

Todd Starnes: What do you think about that?

Darrell Simpson: I’m wondering about it. I mean in my experience the proper way to do things is over a dead body, but it’s kind of a new one.

Todd Starnes: Who are these jurors selected for the jury, Robert Hurdle or the Martin County Sheriff’s Department?

Darrell Simpson: That’s correct. The sheriff’s department.

Todd Starnes: After all the damaging testimony, did they probably pick them because they didn’t like any of the witnesses?

Darrell Simpson: Well, I don’t know about the witnesses but I think they’re just like us, they’ve heard what they’ve heard. They sat in that courtroom that afternoon and heard it all, so I don’t think they were really favorable towards one side or the other.

Todd Starnes: What do you think about the judge acting like this behind closed doors, trying to convict a couple of lifetime pals who had nothing to do with any of this.

Darrell Simpson: Yeah it’s weird the way he was taking the stand there; he was trying to sort of cross examine it himself. He’s a former attorney now. He was playing judge and jury.

Todd Starnes: So you’re saying that he should have just kept the jury in the court, made them listen to the case, listened to all the testimony and simply sort of said, “Listen, I’m going to set these guys free” and then left the courtroom?

Darrell Simpson: It would have been a lot better all around.

Todd Starnes: If you weren’t involved with what happened here, you know, it was just really hard to see someone like yourself end up in the middle of a scandal like this.

Darrell Simpson: It was hard. It was hard for me personally. I didn’t get to see my wife for about ten months during this, my marriage. I found myself by myself kind of doing a lot of talking to people who had knowledge. And those people would come up to me and say, “well, what do you think really happened here?” And I was quite quite shocked when I heard a lot of things.

Todd Starnes: And some of it was just completely false.

Darrell Simpson: Yeah, and like I said, looking back on it I feel like I should have just been more of a re-adjudicator and not just sitting there and listening to the rantings of my former attorney, but saying, “No, listen to me.” And I think I wasted a lot of time looking at my wife when I could have been doing something with my life.

Todd Starnes: All right. I think you’ve got an interesting perspective on this story, so I’d really love to see it. Thank you very much Darrell for speaking with me.

Darrell Simpson: Sure, thanks Todd.

Todd Starnes: By the way, Hurdle is the same investigator that was put on that cruise to check up on Kim Potter and her husband, James Potter. She was on that cruise to look for her daughter.

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