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I’m Not Running for Office

I’m Not Running for Office

Letters to the Editor: A new L.A. council district map that makes sense? Yes please.

I was thrilled to learn when I checked this week that our elected officials will finally get to debate a new Los Angeles Council District map. I will take some time right now to address a few of your concerns, and I want to let everyone know I’m not going to run for office.

Let’s start with your letter to the editor. You correctly say this is “the most important election in five years as to the future of our City,” but then you turn that into a request for council member, a new commissioner, and new council members and end the letter on that note.

I am a resident of the Third District and a former council member for the Ninth District, which is the closest district to me. I served on the city council from 1997 to 2006 and my district included most of the Third District, which is one of the most-safely incorporated, well-educated and diverse districts.

I don’t believe that the Fourth District is “very diverse.” It was a mostly white, conservative district. I don’t believe that the Fifth District is “very diverse.” It was overwhelmingly white and conservative.

The Sixth District doesn’t have as many schools, but we have one of the oldest. The Seventh District doesn’t have as many schools and has more of a mix of ethnicities. The Eighth District doesn’t have as many schools and may lose some.

The Ninth District’s residents are the most informed and have the most knowledge about issues facing our city and people in the Westside. They know more about issues at hand than almost anyone else in our city and, by the way, they’re the ones who will decide what happens to the district.

I don’t understand why the Sixth and Seventh Districts, both of which are majority white and conservative, have to be split into different districts. You think, in the name of diversity, that more kids are going to be attending more schools? I think that’s absurd.

The Fourth and Fifth Districts are too highly educated for this to be a true representation of diversity. We’

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