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I’m a Full-Time Working Mother and Part-Time College Student

I’m a Full-Time Working Mother and Part-Time College Student

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As a long time journalist, it is important for me to write these letters now. My daughter has just started college, and I feel that I need to give her the kind of education that a generation of young people is so clearly being deprived of. Unfortunately, as a parent, I have to admit that she is not getting the level of education that the government should be providing for all children. For example, her high school used to have a free library. Now, it is just a library with books, and books are purchased at school for about $100 each. You can’t do that in America. Children in many cities throughout the United States simply aren’t getting the educational opportunities that they could.

If my daughter wants to go to a good college in the near future (likely one of the most selective colleges in the nation), we will have to pay for that tuition. And, I will have to work very hard – because she has to be a part-time student and, as I previously pointed out is only getting about a fourth of a college degree in that amount of time.

It is not easy to work a minimum wage job. That’s right. As a full-time working mother and part-time college student, I can’t continue to have a full-time job as a writer and reporter, and get an hour of sleep a night to continue my writing and reporting work. And, when my daughter was born three years ago, I was the only full-time working parent in a household of three working parents.

For that matter, I have a full-time job, and my daughter is a part-time college student. At this point, I have two full-time jobs and an evening newspaper job, and no day care. At this point, my daughter is a full-time student but a part-time child.

And, I have to continue to struggle to pay off the loans. I’m not sure that the American people care too much about those students who are the part-time students – because they are students. They are kids who are not able to attend college because they can’t afford it. So why should we care about students – who are paying for their own education – but not them

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