Hubble Space Telescope has again gone into safe mode after gyroscope fails again


The Hubble Space Telescope was quietly in a recovery mode Thursday, more than three months after its Aug. 1, 2017, problem with an advanced gyroscope.

Today, NASA staff members confirmed to The New York Times that the probe has again gone into safe mode and an engineering analysis is underway, as NASA attempts to find out what caused the gyroscope problem and restore it to normal operation.

“We are working to determine the cause of the gyro problem, and we are committed to making sure Hubble is safe until it can be examined and replaced,” said the Atlantis deputy project manager, James Jenkins, in a NASA statement.

The Hubble took on its eighth and last upgrade in 2009 when it was operated as part of NASA’s science missions.

Three months ago, when it first became apparent that an alternative gyroscope had failed, NASA issued a statement that it was possible to restore it to normal operation within 30 days. But since then, it has been unclear if that was possible.

It was not possible to say when NASA would conduct a review or decide if it would try to launch a new Hubble to try to restore the probe to normal operation.

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