Here’s Joe Biden’s 21-page guide to overhauling the military

Don’t worry, Cleveland. Not every military service is closing down outposts, suggesting that CNN’s Anderson Cooper won’t be seeing too many of them soon.

Vice President Joe Biden published a list of reforms the US military needs to work on from the ‘Serve All America’ initiative he launched in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s announcement that he would not pull troops out of Syria or Afghanistan.

The 21-page report includes a number of recommendations, including allowing all military branches to set priorities by ruling out both expansion of bases and “undesirable” mergers of smaller bases.

The report says this can be accomplished without any additional federal funding by consolidating information on services, facilities and soldiers.

The document also calls for hiring more civilians to hire engineers, psychiatrists and other positions necessary to “prepare” military personnel for life after service.

The full list of recommendations can be found at the Vice President’s Military Review

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