From Lancaster to Lutetia, Across the EU

In the 18th century a group of seven French nobles who met in Lutetia, in Brittany, sparked a development that would spread across France and Belgium and are now part of the current EHV region. Lutetia, or “Holy Island,” also provides the setting for Roland Emmerich’s 2006 remake of the 1958 film An American in Paris.

The island has a colourful past: a witch blamed a series of unfortunate miscarriages on the island for ruining her marriage. Princess Isabelle was imprisoned for the belief, but the witch was freed when the bridesmaids donated half of their dowries to pay for her liberation.

An American in Paris is available on Blu-ray and DVD.

A stunning description of Lutetia is rendered in the French film adaptation An American in Paris by Alain Delon and Julie Christie (January 16th, 1995). The story is of two young French musicians trying to get to Lutetia as missionaries, and meeting when the man’s companion is forbidden by a cousin to accompany them.

Belgium is an enchanting country in which no visitor can fail to be swooned by its beauty. From the North-West region to the South-East, it is well-known for its terracotta cottages, churches and centuries-old chateaux, with medieval bell towers and medieval towns that are villages in miniature.

Here is a delightful alternative to the previous page, in the photography of photographer Nico Hunziker.

Monte Carlo is known for its opulent local department stores, cathedrals and museums, but just look at the sheer variety of classical architecture in this picture of the city.

A scenic view across Monte Carlo’s narrow cobbled streets.

People lie in the sand in the Cap d’Antibes, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Bright blue water laps at the edge of a charming harbour.

Tourists outside the city walls of Strasbourg can enjoy similar scenery near the city’s river Bibliotheque.

The Rhine has a cool white waterfall at Wiesbaden — famous for its canals — and an equally impressive castle overlooking the magnificent river.

Laurel Crinolone, the grande dame of Allemagne, sits at the edge of the Rhine and is the country’s most famous castle. There’s a magnificent stage in the Sarces Aquarium, and a lovely town square.

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