Four hurt in lava eruption on Canary Island

Volcano’s eruption has destroyed 250 homes, sending molten rock into the sky and disrupting flights. Lava also threatens the nearby dormant Puque de la Reina volcano

Lava has erupted from the top of a volcano in the Canary Islands, injuring at least four people and threatening more homes as well as the nearby dormant Puque de la Reina volcano, the National Emergency Commission (CNE) said on Sunday.

Early on Saturday a cloud of smoke and ash rose over the volcano, prompting evacuations for residents around the top of La Palma and nearby Calafell, producing a spectacular explosion of material in the sky. Officials then began evacuating residents near the bottom of La Palma.

Thirty five people at a resort at Pucllana, on the south-west tip of La Palma, were injured by flying glass when lava swept through the area, officials said. Two of the injured were in serious condition.

Around 600 people have been evacuated. More people are trapped after lava cut off access to the town of Santa Cruz in La Palma.

The Canary Islands have a long history of volcanoes, beginning with the early-May eruption of the Canary Lagoon volcano which forced several thousand people from their homes.

The 2004 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines triggered three tsunami waves that killed over 100,000 people in the Philippines and nearby countries.

A spokesman for the CNE said the lava had been flowing directly at the top of the volcano but overlying areas were currently not in danger of a volcanic eruption.

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