Formula One bosses ask for nine-day season

From next year, Formula One will have a nine-day season. The announcement came at a summit in Abu Dhabi that was officially convened to brainstorm ways of stemming rising costs of the sport, which has had to expand its commitments to financially secure partners at the expense of the general public and ticket-buyers. The forum created by Formula One chief executive Chase Carey will also look at ways of saving the sport from growing pains.

Carey was not shy about asking for the cuts in F1. “There are some structural things that we need to get better at, including how we package races,” he said. “We can’t do all the events we have now and achieve the same revenue — we need to evolve.” The good news is that when the current agreement with Bahrain ends in 2019, the race in the Arab Gulf state will move to February.

According to the Bahrain International Circuit, the reduction in dates will mean that the 2018 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix will be shortened to three days and two races, with the action starting on May 17th and closing on May 20th.

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