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Florence Price Jr.

Florence Price Jr.

Everyone is ‘rediscovering’ Florence Price. Leave it to the L.A. Phil to reveal her essence. It’s the sort of story that makes you wonder whether the author of those wonderful articles is an actual Florence Price.

Florence Price, the late rock singer and the star of The Monkees, was often referred to as “rock’s female Sinatra.” The Monkees did a lot of drugs and got into heavy horseplay, which they admitted to in their song “I’m a Believer.” They were known for their “lounge act” and their use of drugs. However they refused to make a documentary about him. Instead, he was shot and killed by his own fans in 1967.

He was a very good singer, but because of his drinking he had missed several opportunities to record with his idols, Frank Sinatra and the Beatles. His performances are remembered more for his heavy drinking and performance than for his music, and his musical career was limited to a few album releases.

He was the only child (with his father Frank Jr.) whose father was a “working” musician and had a steady job in the record business. He had a brother (Frank, Jr.) who was a musician in his own right, and was known as “Baby” Frank. He had a sister (Mary).

In his youth he had been very interested in the military, and joined the Army Air Corps at 17. He had been awarded a medical discharge when he was 21 and had the time off to pursue his music career. He was soon signed up to join his father to perform at engagements in his area. He worked very hard and was given a guitar to play. He was never given permission to form his own band. Instead, he was used as a backup guitarist for his father and his brother. At age 20, his father was murdered by his wife.

Florence Price Jr. went on to become a singer and the guitarist and vocalist with his father’s band. His father

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