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Donald Trump is not a businessman and he’s not a political leader.

Donald Trump is not a businessman and he's not a political leader.

Letters to the Editor: It isn’t just Fox News. The media never could take their eyes off Donald Trump the day he announced for president. They were so excited about a new and unprecedented Presidential candidate. Then they saw him in action and the news cycle was all about Hillary and all the terrible things she said about him on national TV and on the campaign trail. The media went into a frenzy and wrote and wrote and wrote about the unpatriotic things she said about Trump. It was all in the interest of creating and keeping the Trump story alive in hopes that he would lose the presidency to Hillary. They were so excited about Hillary. They could not wait for the general election because this would be a massive embarrassment. So they wanted to find something horrible to write about the next president that might keep everyone from looking at Hillary’s ugly face again.

Donald Trump has always been a polarizing figure. He’s a businessman and he runs his businesses the way he wants. He likes to think he’s got a business plan for America and that makes him an attractive candidate. But he’s not a businessman and he’s not a political leader. He’s a reality TV show host and everyone is talking about how much Trump can get away with. A businessperson with no experience leading his own company? He needs to step back and see what’s working before he sets off on some reckless financial adventure.

The media was going to make Donald Trump the most unqualified candidate ever. He had the worst experience of any president-elect and he is not qualified to be president either. The media was going to write that he was “inexperienced” and “overrated” despite his success and despite the fact that he knows what goes on around him. They’d find out he’s a master of “disruption” and “change” but he would bring it all to a crashing halt. They had a field day. Every last one of Trump’s insults, every one of his lies, every one of his lies to the media, every one of his lies to the American people. He does not even know what America is anymore, what the real job of a president is and how a president works. He’s been on reality TV and he knows all the tricks of the trade but

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