Dominique Bugatti gets his chance to take over Bugatti

Around 1961 Bugatti began experiencing so many problems as it received its first big break as the head of an Italian outfit called Pininfarina, that the French outfit decided to build an entirely new car in order to satisfy their needs. At the time these were considered a young factory built on the good will of a prominent city. It’s a car that is still revered and remembered today. The beautiful LaFerrari. The younger Hitler himself loved it. So much so that he named the region within which they lived “LaFerrari”, which means F_rari.

Most of the Pininfarina cars that are produced, now called Bugatti, or Aire, are still designed and built by the Pininfarina Group. But for 32 years, the Head of the Bugatti Team has been a young man only a few years out of school, and about to take over the famous brand.

Dominique Bugatti – little brother to 28-year-old grandson Micheline – is a legend in the world of the car world. He graduated from the prestigious Ecole Superieure de l’Automobile (ÉAS) , which is an institution also known as the Paris Polytechnique (EPH). He practiced engineering in the Renault Group before joining the Volkswagen Group in 2008 as an assistant to the team managing the brand for the world’s largest automaker.

Dominique Bugatti was promoted as the Head of Bugatti in 2015 and will take over at the end of the year after managing the Bugatti Engines division, which is responsible for motors and turbo chargers of the vehicles that make up the cars. And in this new capacity, he too will continue the great legacy that has already brought him fame, at least in the professional world. Since he is only 23, he was interested in taking over an existing business, so even if he was named the Head of a brand that is already huge, he will have to improve it even more. But here’s the interesting thing, he also joined the high-performance brand and auto group in 2000 as an Aire Specialist who managed the motors and turbochargers of Bugatti’s cars. He gained experience and made his way onto a senior level team for four years and began his journey at Bugatti, which made him only 27 years old at the time. It seems like being with this brand for more than 12 years has helped him pass up the label of an assistant.

So what kind of an old French guy is he? Today he is the Vice President of Group Manufacturing and since October, 2015, has been the President of Technological Innovation & Production, which is also known as the MDS. So he may be 33 years old, but according to the French, he is a lot like he was when he was three years old. And there’s an old codger to think about.

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