DiManno Says Double Plea Deal Changes Everything in Epstein Case

Although jurors heard the testimony of a few individuals who saw Ms. Maxwell leave a luxury suite at Mar-a-Lago last February, none actually said they saw her take any part in the sexual encounter. (A note to the judge, from early in the trial, indicated that two employees at Mar-a-Lago had alleged they had seen Ms. Maxwell leave a room where Epstein was having sex with an underage girl.)

The first to testify in the case was the person the FBI, in a sting operation involving the agent’s daughter, said had procured the young women, the “patronage” call girl Ghislaine Maxwell, an acquaintance of Epstein’s with whom DiManno had been talking about her upcoming “client,” which eventually turned out to be Epstein, and the victim. He allegedly gave her thousands of dollars for her services.

The call girl who testified, Emma Furlong, is Furlong’s former co-conspirator, police say. She testified under a plea deal that allowed her to avoid federal sentencing, was acquitted of the most serious felony charges related to running a prostitution ring, and became the first in the case to go public.

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