Couple celebrates Christmas at a traditional ‘temporary’ holiday home


For Thanksgiving dinner, Sharon and Sorelli Yeomans do a little “separation”.

Without breaking up or greeting, Mrs Yeomans, 48, of Wales, “separates” and then asks her husband to “disconnect” from her phone so she can get on with her cooking.

“It’s about trying to separate you and your phone so you can actually enjoy a full family meal. You never really have to get on and say ‘I’m off to work’,” Mrs Yeomans, who says it started six years ago for her “celebration of marriages”, told the BBC.

“You just say you’re on your own, you’re looking at the television, you’re cooking your dinner.”

He believes in separating each year or so because the busy and on-the-go couple spend more time apart in the week before the holiday. The dividing line is always “a long table”, she said.

“He doesn’t even know when I’m cooking, so he always kind of gets cold food on my table, and we just end up eating from each other.”

Mrs Yeomans wears a tie while her husband is wearing a suit. If she’s cooking beef — a so-called “tea” cut — she makes him drink her tea instead of eating it, and he eats her broccoli.

If he eats the vegetable he eats a piece of the cheese or egg wash her goat cheese or what she cooks before her turkey.

“We’ve never missed a meal because of Christmas,” she said. “We always stay together.”

So, what’s his excuse for not showing up?

“He’s very busy working, so he doesn’t have time to get here because he’s working away,” she said.

Since she’s a stay-at-home-couple, she finds it tough to convince him to come home at odd hours or weekends when he works, she added.

They’ve gotten good at slowing down and talking about their day in an hourlong span, she said.

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