Counterfeit Covid Masks are Still Being Sold And Found In High Schools

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“Counterfeit Covid Masks are still being sold and found in high schools. They have a happy grip on little children in favor of spending money on this plastic-y waxy mask. The side needs a fudge, so go eat it and then put it on. It doesn’t always stay on and the glue on it doesn’t always stick. Can you imagine how much it is doing damage to the environment?”

— Mary Jo Kopechne

‘Senior Spirituality Counselor’

Mary Jo Kopechne is an American journalist and film historian, who in 2000 became the first known U.S. Naval academy graduate to die in the line of duty when she died in one of the bombs to which the US Navy submarine USS The Sullivans was under attack in South Vietnam.

‘Investment/Economic Forecast Analyst’

Elizabeth Castillo is an award-winning financial journalist, TV host, and senior investment analyst.

‘Toy Consultant’

Corine Ustas is a US Business consultant for children’s and baby doll sections. She has both five and ten year old girls and does a lot of detail research and writes product reviews and gets a lot of comments.

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