British racing driver banned for attacking fellow driver on track

A British Karting driver has been banned from racing after an incident on the track last weekend in which he allegedly tackled another driver to the ground.

Three-time British Karting Champion Tony Warren – who can bench press 240 pounds – was banned for three years after he attacked fellow driver Matthew Baldwin during a race in Cundletown, Perth, Australia. According to New South Wales police, Warren ran across the track and tackled Baldwin to the ground after a collision.

According to one account, the crash occurred when Warren prevented Baldwin from touching him, pinning him to the ground. Warren, who is 6 foot 8 inches, then went on to kick Baldwin before his wife entered the car and punched him. The match had been postponed twice because of bad weather, and a 90-minute delay was caused when a track worker went off a motorcycle on the final lap.

Warren denied punching Baldwin, and claimed his wife had done so. However, his team – Australian company AGB Motorsport – contested that Baldwin had attacked Warren first and argued that he should receive a harsher sanction.

Read the full story at The Sydney Morning Herald.


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