Bodyguard of Rihanna shares moment she gets attacked at New York event

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Figures’ bodyguards remove privacy curtain at New York ceremony, before singer hugs one serviceman and leaves wheelchair unattended for several minutes

The figure guard of Rihanna has revealed the moment he escorted the singer from an event in New York on Monday after the stars’ privacy was invaded.

The singer and the model Naomi Campbell were presented with awards as a “national hero” at a ceremony in Brooklyn in front of New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, the Brooklyn Paper reported.

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It was not long before the two stars were surrounded by camera phones and bodysuits by the press, followed by international social media cameras.

Naeemah Neesom of Kingdom Security, said he was the one who escorted Rihanna out of the venue so she could be serenaded at a restaurant by a resident of the neighborhood.

“A woman came up to Rihanna and she had a camera in her hand and she was taking pictures of Rihanna. So I told her we had to escort Rihanna out and she was like, ‘OK, you have to do it’. So I did,” Naeemah told the paper.

As he made his way around Rihanna’s table, he ran into one of her bodyguards, who scolded him, telling him not to worry about the paparazzi being around her.

“That’s why I take video. I’m proud of myself because I never let anybody touch me around Rihanna, and I’m sorry the man [who stopped me] is a family member.”

An unnamed bodyguard of Rihanna, who did not want to be named, told the paper: “One of my friends can’t do the job. And nobody wanted to do the job.”

The ex-Svengali of social media, Freddy Peralta, reacted with “her ‘problem’ being too popular” on Twitter, referring to accusations that Rihanna’s fans cause violence in far-flung places.

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And Peralta wondered why a wheelchair was left unattended on the dance floor of the restaurant, calling it a “poop”.

Rihanna made a comeback to the spotlight this month after three years of quiet and reclusive travel and a poor critical reception to her eighth album, Anti.

She will premiere a new track, collaboration with Eminem, at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 29-year-old singer was apparently overheard saying during the dinner party in the Mexican town of Yaqui, “I’m going to kill that douche-ass NFL player with a hammer”.

A police report was filed in the nearby town of Monterey del Río, and the “self-styled FBI” Twitter account said there was a surveillance video and a “staged” attack by some of her fans against the NFL player, Martavis Bryant, who then tried to “destroy” the disgraced actor Charlie Sheen by sending him a message to end it all.

Bryant has been the subject of growing criticism from fans of the Green Bay Packers, after he was kicked off the team after he was arrested and convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana in August.

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