At least 58 killed in bus crash in central Mexico

Fifty-eight people have been killed, including 24 in a bus accident in central Mexico, it was reported on Wednesday. At least 19 people were also injured in the accident, according to an official from the state of Puebla who reported the figures on Tuesday night. According to Mexico’s traffic regulator, the crash occurred on Highway 85, which runs from Mexico City to the nearby city of Cuernavaca. The bus was carrying school children, students, coaches and teachers to a town near the city.

According to Bloomberg, the bus was carrying 44 students and a teacher at the time of the crash. Survivors said the driver lost control of the vehicle after it ran over a rock. It “debrised into bushes” and crashed into a ravine at the bottom, National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Jorge Luis Garza said. The NTSB plans to investigate the accident. Aerial photos taken at the scene showed the bus with its tires and windows ripped off. The subsequent fire left the vehicle charred and twisted. According to Mexico’s Department of Communication and Transportation, the highway was closed in both directions after the accident.

Details are sketchy about what happened during the crash but footage from the scene shows the driver in the passenger seat of the bus being tended to by bystanders, including some of the children on board the bus.

More information to come.


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