America’s top beaches: America’s most exotic getaways

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Controlled deadly wildfires, featuring flaming swans and monarch butterflies, are just a couple of the attractions that make this Ocean South one of the country’s greatest wilderness experiences.

Also: Tall springs, this exotic community in the Florida panhandle holds the distinction of having “eclipse experiences” including whale watching.

Latitude 51 Chartres

This historic location is where in 1993, after a huge typhoon, firefighters fought in front of the most delicate artichokes left on the island to save the plants and ensure the supply of food for islanders.

Hanging Tree, New York

Art lovers and naturalists will enjoy learning about the stunning natural beauty of this majestic bat colony on a hike, while nature seekers can experience the natural beauty of these trees, with all their rhododendrons and trees overhanging gardens.

Goetterlitz, Germany

The ornate town is home to more than 2,500 species of flora, many of which are unique to this area. What draws artists to this hidden medieval town, whose rivers and streams surround it, is also the abundance of green space and the area’s easy access to the Rhine and Neisse rivers.

Bellagio, Puerto Rico

Natural paradise to the starlets of Italy and Paris, this island-scape promises an intimate, complete experience, with its dramatic coastline, vineyards and striking rock formations.

Hattori Beach Resort, Japanese Island

Formerly known as Chiba Prefecture, this island is an area of spectacular volcanic rock formations, jagged waves and overgrown forests.

Tai Tien Island, Thailand

Surrounded by a labyrinth of gorgeous beaches and surrounded by jagged volcanoes, this picturesque island on the western coast of Thailand is an eco-tourism haven and an attraction for nature enthusiasts.

Sapporo, Japan

Foraging for food in the natural world, natural caves, walking in the rainforest, climbing rugged mountains and, of course, whale watching will capture the attention of tourists.

Atres, Andalusia, Spain

Southern Spain’s most stunning landscape mixes volcanic rock formations with Andalusian farms and farms, with over 800 km of coastline on this tiny island off the coast of Morocco.

Padua, Italy

Italian Riviera vistas, cultured backwaters and some of the world’s best stone-carved stonework are shared by tourists who have never set foot in Venice, and vice versa.

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